A to rage inside Z

Un petit poème en Anglais, pour ceux qui comprennent ;p


And from the majesty

Being too sick for the royalties

Comes overthrowing lax ideas

Destroying the golden key

End of the monarchy

Fire in eyes of poverty

Giant rests of forests

Hiding their rich quests

I’ll make it national

Joyful and serious

Keeping it normal

Lazy but evolutional

Making it nonsense, by

Nonsense of magic’s

Obviously shown as heroes

Part of our real life

Quotes so safe

Reading these horrible, and

Sordid texts and laws, and

Taking this for bread

Usefully useless

Victory on dress

Wanting some happiness

Xenophobic and humanist,

You are communist.

Zip this file and hello, goodbye.

Gabriel Zachsarowsky

Tous droits réservés

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